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Doll Restorations and Certified Doll Appraisals
Welcome to Valarie Moyer's Unique Dolls and Gifts, the Doll Hospital (Valarie Moyer LLC). We offer specialize doll restoration services for antique, vintage and modern dolls. Also offered are certified doll appraisals for estate planning and insurance purposes. During the spring and summer seasons be sure to stop by for tea-time in the garden (Miss Jade's Victorian-style Tea Room.) We are located on the beautiful estate of 15 Huckleberry Road, Jonestown, PA 17038. Make Your Own Special Friend" reborn doll making seminars have begun. Come, join us. Two day seminars conducted quarterly - Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. For more information visit us at www.valariemoyersdolls.com or for appointment scheduling call 717-254-6386.

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PA - 17038